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#NowPlaying TesseracT – Resist

Regardless of genre, songs that gives me that sudden rush of excitement on first listen usually do this same one thing. They make me wonder how they even came to exist in the first place. Songs that collide influences that I can’t imagine being able to reach each other. Songs that just sound so otherworldly as to make me think HOW THE F’CKING HELL DID THEY DO THIS?

This is one such song. Meshuggah fronted by Jeff Buckley is a bit of a Route One camparison, but gives you a clue. Soaring falsetto vocals break free of the gravitational pull of the descending 8-String colossus of a riff. Fuck, it drips quality. Pure, distilled brilliance. The lyric video is mesmerising and beautiful too. Enjoy.

The Next Day.

It’s always a bit scary listening the to stuff the next day after a good session. What if it’s not as good as you remember? Thankfully, all is good. Phew. I’ve not been this excited about new music in ages.

The last studio project of my own felt like a real chore. A really hard slog, in all honesty. This is really flowing right now.

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