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Studio Vlog: EP1

Finally plucked up the courage to start work on the Flesh + Dust EP that I’ve been talking about for a while. It was even mentioned by Tom Robinson on BBC6Music, but it’s been in creative limbo for months.

Rather than write a lot of lengthy blog posts, I’m experimenting with a video blog. Here’s episode 1…

Live! Piano! Coming soon! (+ Bless This House Piano Video)

RIGHT. Finally, I am in possession of a stage piano that I can take out live. Yay!

My current fully weighted, hammer action stage piano is definitely NOT portable for a spoonie, and there’s no money for a crew just yet… I’ve invested in a very lightweight Yamaha Piaggero; quite a neat bit of kit it is too.

This means that stuff like this finally becomes a regular part of the set, which is super exciting…


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