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#WorkInProgess – Einaudi Remix

Here’s a bit of Dyskinetik stuff I’ve been working on today. It’s dark, cute, minimal tech. It’s a remix of sorts; Einaudi’s Melodia Africana. This is just one piece of a larger puzzle, I think. If clicky, twisted beats in 9/8 sound like your sort of thing, you may well enjoy it 🙂

Ableton Live 101: Beat Repeat

So, I’m pretty new to Ableton Live. I’m going to be using it almost exclusively this year (another long story coming soon), so doing a lot of homework.

If you know Live, you’ll probably know an effect called Beat Repeat. Here’s a little thing of me using it to glitch the hell out of a simple DM1 drum loop. The beat never changes; any changes in sound are the effect which I’m manipulating live using the excellent TouchAble iPad interface.

Again, just a sound test; two minutes of improvisational tweaking. I’m guessing this is quite Route One if you’re a seasoned Ableton Live user, but I’ve still got a lot to learn… 😉


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