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England, You Are A Sinking Ship.

It’s been an intense couple of weeks. I’ve worked so hard to bring you this song, I didn’t have time to stop and blog. Or film. Or tweet much. I just had to get this done. 

Wait. Back it up.

You know that I’m in the camp that thinks Cameron and his cronies are FUCKING SCARY EVIL FUCKERS, right? Yeah, so the  idea of Conservatives winning the election was like, really bad news. Proper V for Vendetta shit, IMHO. After a hopeful few days leading up to the big day, I was optimistic. Then the exit polls starting coming in.

I’ve never felt fear like it. 
Absolutely gripped by this intense yet bleak, urgent yet impotent fear, I sat up late and wrote this song. The lyrics come from a dark place. I’ve never been so scared for the future.

I sat in the studio on the 8th, and got most of this on tape. I knew I had to sing it that day, at least; it deserves that anger. Somewhere along the way further ideas flourished, and the chorus line idea came about. I posted shoutouts for people to sing it and send me vocals. Partly thanks to help from comedian Josie Long, the response was incredible. Loads of people were happy to declare this country a sinking ship on tape.

The following week I pulled all this together. Schedules aligned, and I was very lucky to have Lee back in the studio on a couple of days. As well owning the ears I trust most besides my own, Lee brought the groove in that incredible bassline. He plays in ways that tap right into my brain. It’s not surprising; we’ve made so much music together in the last 15 years… Man. That’s a wild thought. I’m digressing…

It was a killer to mix, as these things always are. My auntie Mu Halpin provided those magical spooked out harmonies. Reminds me of Marianne Faithful’s contribution to Metallica’s The Memory Remains. It’s fucking DARK. She always does a lot to keep me up to speed on politics via Facebook; it was so perfect to have her in the studio for this.

So, please; give it your best listening. It sounds great loud. I’m very proud of it. Whatever side you’re on, know that there are many of us for whom five years of the Tories is a terrifying prospect. As so many of you have already told me, this song resonates with that feeling.

Not By Banksy. No Less Powerful.

No, it’s not Banksy. It’s Lucille Clerc. It’s of course, incredibly powerful.



Day One.

There’s something in the air today. In the early hours of this morning the IndyRef results were announced. Scotland is still part of the UK. This makes me a lot more angry than it should. England is so fucked; why would anybody want to associated with us?

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