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The Gloves Are Off.



Wow. It was a hell of a week. And what’s this? A rare written post?

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Getting To Know The Gloves.

This is literally the busiest I’ve ever been.

I do hate having big gaps in my blogging. I know an increasing number of people enjoy this blog, which is an incredible thing in itself. I’ll try and be here as often as I can, that’s all I can say right now…

Whilst trying to run a business, I am missioning this whole Gloves adventure. I’m working away on the live set; it’s really coming together now.

It was difficult at first. Upon getting the Gloves home to start work, I was suddenly overwhelmed by just how much work has to happen. The first few days with the Gloves were really disheartening in all honesty. I suddenly felt like I had no idea what I was doing, despite my initial confidence. The ball started rolling so fast, I barely had time to take it all in. Once I was sat in The Playhaus alone, without Gawain, Imogen or Kelly to turn to, I was a little freaked.

As you may have seen from my YouTube bits, I’ve been slowly learning more and more. After a real breakthrough moment earlier this week, that all suddenly seems so basic. My relationship with the Gloves has grown deeper and stronger; I really feel like it all starts… now. I’m ready; I have huge ideas, and I feel empowered by the Gloves now. I miss them when they’re not on my hands. On a day like today, when my studio is fully booked and I have no time to play with them, I’m a little sad.

Only a couple of weeks ago I felt like I was in over my head. Suddenly, it’s clicked. The gloves feel lie they’re becoming a part of me and my music, and I can’t stop thinking about how much amazing music I’m going to be making soon.

To be continued…

Ariana Grande: behind the scenes w/ Mi.Mu Gloves.

This is neat.

Here’s a bit of behind the scenes of Ariana Grande working with some of the brilliant Gloves team. some familiar faces from Barncamp if you’re a Glover, of course.

Ariana is in a totally different world to me, of course. It’s intriguing that we are both involved in this project. The fact that she’s working so hard to bring the gloves to arena sized stages this year is genuinely exciting to me. Can’t wait to see what she and everyone else brings to the party; of course, I guess quite a few people are waiting on me too…

MiMu Gloves on CNN!

Here’s a cool bit of Gloves news.

CNN were with us on the second day of the Gloves launch, covering the event. Here’s a cool piece on CNN.com from the weekend.

Imogen did a great demo on the day; here’s my unedited phone coverage of it being filmed. I found it quite emotional to witness, in all honesty. Enjoy!

Back To Work, A Little More Zen.

And… I’m back! Had a week off from everything, including blogging. I’ve missed stay been sat on the floor playing with Drav. Did a bit of DIY. All that good normal stuff. Blissful, actually. I used to think I was way too complex and intelligent to be a family man. What a cunt.

I’ve had time to reflect on a lot of my work/life balance issues too. I’ve been making a right fucking mess of it all, is the abridged conclusion. I’ve managed to succeed at not being present at home, and phoning it in at studio.

I have a monkey mind, to use the Buddhist analogy. Their nihilistic bipolar monkeys, too. Very noisy, I’ve been studying (and trying to practice) more mindfulness. The main thing to take from this is that I am light years away from enlightenment. I’m so horribly distracted all the time. I’ve got to reprogram this buggy brain software.

The need for a more spiritual level has been on my mind a lot lately, I’m making a little progress. At least I’m finally confronting the noise for what it is. I’m surprised and a bit horrified about how hard I find this. I’m quite embarrassed to realise how detached from the music making process I am too. I’ve found everything in the studio a real slog lately. It’s not so surprising, now I realise I’ve not even fully been there. My body turned up on time, my mind never even clocked in.

I’ve come back to it all today a lot clearer. I’ve got a huge new project on the way; I was hoping to announce it today, but there’s still a couple of bits I’m waiting on. It’s a biggie, though.

And I’m trying harder in myself. Lots of reading, lots of healthy thinking. Not lost in thought thinking, but actual rewiring of brain issues. I get a sense that mindfulness, true mindfulness, could unlock a kind of superpower. I’ve seen the clues. I’m getting better.

The best version of me is still to come.


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