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Out With The New.


This stuff is all the rage at the moment innit? These hardware recreations of classic kit like 909s, 303s and 808s; retaining a retro feel in something that’s inevitably more reliable (not to mention cheaper). I kinda get why people crave something physical to play with; I’m all for tangible, tactile control, but Push and LaunchPad satisfy that need for me. I went through a phase of wanting this stuff; I have an old Roland Groovebox that covers all the classic sounds, but it kinda becomes a pain to work with at times. They’re fiddly to program, and will never get close to Ableton Live + Push for the degree of editing and sonic manipulation possibilities. Having said that, some constraint is useful; it’s not always that inspiring to have all the toys out all the time. Also, it feels very much like a fashion ‘moment’ – is all this ’boutique’ revival hardware a bit overly kitsch? What do you think?

WIRED Interview: Mi.Mu Gloves & Accessible Music Tech

Photo credit: Nate Lanxon/WIRED.

This is great. Back in December, at Imogen’s pad in the country, I gave an interview to Nate Lanxon, editor of WIRED. Nate is one cool guy; he had loads of really interesting questions, and seemed to really get what we’re trying to achieve with the gloves. He’s also a huge TesseracT nut, which is a VERY GOOD THING.

Here’s Nate’s piece on the gloves weekend. Lots of me stuff, which is wonderful. This really helps our cause in championing the gloves as the breakthrough piece of accessible tech Gawain and I believe they are. Really appreciated, so big thanks to Nate for this one… 🙂

Read more at WIRED.co.uk

Mi.Mu Gloves – Tech Day One.

Today was a biggie.

I’ve spent the day at Drake Music’s London office, to get my head down working with the gloves. The brilliant Gawain Hewitt, my partner in crime on all things glove related, has been on hand to help iron out any issues before I take the gloves home and start work proper.

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MiMu Gloves on CNN!

Here’s a cool bit of Gloves news.

CNN were with us on the second day of the Gloves launch, covering the event. Here’s a cool piece on CNN.com from the weekend.

Imogen did a great demo on the day; here’s my unedited phone coverage of it being filmed. I found it quite emotional to witness, in all honesty. Enjoy!

New Adventures In Electronica.

It’s all very electronic round here at the moment. Synths and beats. Not many guitars. I’m planning to make an album using only electronic, accessible tech. Here’s why.

Rewind to early 2013. I’ve talked about this on my blog before, but here’s a recap.
I’ve been on the radar at Drake Music for a couple of years now. I first appeared on the map when I put a shoutout on twitter to meet other musicians with disabilities. This was at a time when I was yet to even hear of another musician with a disability.

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