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#WorkInProgess – Einaudi Remix

Here’s a bit of Dyskinetik stuff I’ve been working on today. It’s dark, cute, minimal tech. It’s a remix of sorts; Einaudi’s Melodia Africana. This is just one piece of a larger puzzle, I think. If clicky, twisted beats in 9/8 sound like your sort of thing, you may well enjoy it 🙂

New Adventures In Electronica.

It’s all very electronic round here at the moment. Synths and beats. Not many guitars. I’m planning to make an album using only electronic, accessible tech. Here’s why.

Rewind to early 2013. I’ve talked about this on my blog before, but here’s a recap.
I’ve been on the radar at Drake Music for a couple of years now. I first appeared on the map when I put a shoutout on twitter to meet other musicians with disabilities. This was at a time when I was yet to even hear of another musician with a disability.

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