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MiMu Gloves + FM8 Arpeggiator Exp.

So here’s a bit of pretty thing. It’s very much new-song-in-progress. It started life as an acoustic guitar, folk/picking thing. The chords are very Nick Drake, with some minor thirds where you least expect them. A bit River Man, no?

I’ve reimagined the guitar part via the gloves and Native Instrument’s beautiful FM8 synth. The glove’s own software turns these postures into chords, which are arping (is that a word?) out in FM8.

Got some melody ideas, but I’ll keep those under wraps for now. This is just me practicing the changes. Hopefully it’s vaguely interesting, and makes the cut on the new album…

How We Did It – Part 1: Funding

I get asked a lot of questions about how we managed (*we* being the key word here; I couldn’t have done this alone) to put together The Gloves Are On, the 2016 tour. This series of blog posts will answer some of the common questions, and hopefully be of use to those of you who’d like to do something similar. It was a fairly simple operation, despite the apparent complexity of getting all this to work. I’ll attempt to break the process down a bit in these posts.

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The Gloves Are On: Live in Coventry – 28th January 2015

So this is *very* exciting. The only Midlands date of the tour, hoping to see some friends and fam there.

Tickets are £6 advance, £8 OTD. Book online HERE!

Me + MiMu Gloves + Drake Music @ Web We Want Fest


(L-R: Imogen Heap, Baby Scout, Kris Halpin, Kelly Snook, Gawain Hewitt)

Wow. What a weekend! I’m still catching my breath!

Drake Music was at the Web We Want Festival last weekend to discuss accessible music technology and our work with disabled musicians. It was a chance to meet people and show off some of the technology that is improving the lives of disabled musicians. I was there to show off the MiMu Gloves, which I’ve been working with since December last year. 

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Radio To Go Interview.

So this is pretty neat. I met up with the lovely Robin Valk last week to talk about Mi.Mu Gloves for bios blog, Radio To Go.

Robin was supporting my music when nobody was listening. He created the Pilot Project, and championed Hand At Emotion to be included in that. He was the first person in radio to play my stuff, on Birmingham’s Rhubarb Radio.

One thing I’m very glad of with this interview; Robin really gets this project. I’ve seen some rubbish headlines about the gloves; ‘IMOGEN HEAP’S MAGICAL GLOVES TURN ANYONE INTO A TALENTED MUSICIAN’ being a particularly crappy example. These articles, while getting the word out, are misrepresenting and misunderstanding the technology. No matter how beautiful and brilliant they are, it still takes vision and talent to create something meaningful with the gloves. Robin gets this, and I’m glad he saw past the hype.

You can read the article here.


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