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Me + Jess + Ableton Live = Yeah!

My other partner in crime when I’m not working with Lee is of course the wonderfully talented Jess Sutherland. We make a lot of music together, as I’m sure you know…

A while ago Jess showed me a little video of a group called a:squared performing with Ableton Live. It got us both intrigued about the possibilities it offers.

Now that I’m officially an Ableton artist (long story *still* to come) we’ve finally got our hands on the tools to start playing live with Live. This is our first bit of something; a jam through Peggy Lee’s Fever. As you can hear, even our first attempt is a gear change from acoustic guitar and vocals.

Jess is on vocals and percussion live looping, I’m playing piano and beats, and it sounds like this:

MUSIC NEWS: Jess Sutherland Live EP.

So y’all probably know about Jess Sutherland by now. She’s the singer with the impossibly beautiful voice I’ve been making music with and posting all those YouTube videos. After the wonderful reaction to all those videos, I figured it was a good time to get some music out and into people’s iPods.

The EP consists of 7 live performances, most of which are also on YouTube. It’s the first non Winter Of ’82 release on Dancing About Architecture, which is rather exciting too.

Another thing worth mentioning; our intention was to make this a free download. It’s available via Bandcamp as a Pay-What-You-Want download… and people are buying it. Like, paying real money for it. That, to me, is incredible. The fact that people are happy to put their hands in their PayPal pockets to support our work is genuinely humbling. For serious.

Nevertheless, I’d really like you to get it, free or otherwise. Jess and I have a lot of fun making these things, and we do work very hard. We’ve got lots planned too; some magical tracks in the can, a full length studio album is on the way, and Jess will be appearing on some Winter Of ’82 stuff very soon. ‘Citing times, indeed.

Anyway, here it is. Please listen, and download if you dig it!


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