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MiMu Gloves + FM8 Arpeggiator Exp.

So here’s a bit of pretty thing. It’s very much new-song-in-progress. It started life as an acoustic guitar, folk/picking thing. The chords are very Nick Drake, with some minor thirds where you least expect them. A bit River Man, no?

I’ve reimagined the guitar part via the gloves and Native Instrument’s beautiful FM8 synth. The glove’s own software turns these postures into chords, which are arping (is that a word?) out in FM8.

Got some melody ideas, but I’ll keep those under wraps for now. This is just me practicing the changes. Hopefully it’s vaguely interesting, and makes the cut on the new album…

Me + MiMu Gloves + Drake Music @ Web We Want Fest


(L-R: Imogen Heap, Baby Scout, Kris Halpin, Kelly Snook, Gawain Hewitt)

Wow. What a weekend! I’m still catching my breath!

Drake Music was at the Web We Want Festival last weekend to discuss accessible music technology and our work with disabled musicians. It was a chance to meet people and show off some of the technology that is improving the lives of disabled musicians. I was there to show off the MiMu Gloves, which I’ve been working with since December last year. 

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WIRED Interview: Mi.Mu Gloves & Accessible Music Tech

Photo credit: Nate Lanxon/WIRED.

This is great. Back in December, at Imogen’s pad in the country, I gave an interview to Nate Lanxon, editor of WIRED. Nate is one cool guy; he had loads of really interesting questions, and seemed to really get what we’re trying to achieve with the gloves. He’s also a huge TesseracT nut, which is a VERY GOOD THING.

Here’s Nate’s piece on the gloves weekend. Lots of me stuff, which is wonderful. This really helps our cause in championing the gloves as the breakthrough piece of accessible tech Gawain and I believe they are. Really appreciated, so big thanks to Nate for this one… 🙂

Read more at WIRED.co.uk

MiMu Gloves on CNN!

Here’s a cool bit of Gloves news.

CNN were with us on the second day of the Gloves launch, covering the event. Here’s a cool piece on CNN.com from the weekend.

Imogen did a great demo on the day; here’s my unedited phone coverage of it being filmed. I found it quite emotional to witness, in all honesty. Enjoy!

Gloves Intro: Imogen Heap Performance On Science Club.

I’ll be posting a lot of Gloves stuff over the next few months, of course. I’ll be writing more about the launch weekend very soon, and that’s before we get into what’s coming very soon…

I get asked lots of questions about the Gloves already. For the relatively uninitiated, this clip of Imogen on Dara O’Briain’s Science Club is a neat little intro.

It’s an oldish clip; the gloves have progressed further since this was broadcast. When I first saw this I was blown away, but I had almost no concept of how this all worked It’s very neat to watch this now I’m in the Glover community; knowing all the little tricks hidden in those hand movements* is incredibly exciting…

*’Postures’ is the term used by Glovers to describe all those hand movements.


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