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Vocal/Glove/Glitch Test: That You’ll Never Know

Here’s another bit of Glove experimenting. I’m using the same kind of glitch effects I used on yesterday’s guitar test, this time on my voice.

If you’re hip to my back cat you’ll know the song. It’s called That You’ll Never Know and it’s been around forever…

Ableton Live 101: Beat Repeat

So, I’m pretty new to Ableton Live. I’m going to be using it almost exclusively this year (another long story coming soon), so doing a lot of homework.

If you know Live, you’ll probably know an effect called Beat Repeat. Here’s a little thing of me using it to glitch the hell out of a simple DM1 drum loop. The beat never changes; any changes in sound are the effect which I’m manipulating live using the excellent TouchAble iPad interface.

Again, just a sound test; two minutes of improvisational tweaking. I’m guessing this is quite Route One if you’re a seasoned Ableton Live user, but I’ve still got a lot to learn… 😉


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