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Crosses – The Epilogue.

This is so my jam RN.

Despite being a major Deftones addict, I’m not automatically taken with everything Chino Moreno does. Some of his projects, while commendable, can be a little too far out even for me. Nevertheless, e’s a huge artist, spanning so many sounds and genres in an intimidatingly prolific fashion.

Crosses is Chino’s collaboration with Shaun Lopez and Chuck Doom. The trio play a spooked out, laid back electro pop. Giant snares and waterfall synths backdrop Chino’s always intriguing lyrics. It’s a world away from Deftones; the aesthetic is darkly twisted at first, but there’s hope and beauty below the surface.

This is one of many standout tracks from the first LP. Enjoy

Deftones – Jealous Guy

My favourite band playing my favourite Lennon song? Ummmmmm, yes please

[Studio Day / 2014-3]

It was a brief session today between other music gigs. I’m working on rebooting some old songs for an EP, which *will* be out soon.

My bass is back from repairs, so having fun laying down some riffs on it. It’s a Precision with PJ p’up config; sounds sweet as without sounding like a regular P-Bass. I’m working on a song that would ideally have an 8-String part on it. I don’t have one (yet), so I’ve been playing round with getting that sound from my bass. It’s not enough to distort the bass; you have to push for a more guitar like tone, but I think it’s working. The song isn’t that heavy by the way, despite the low riffs. Think sweeter Deftones moments. For the uninitiated, enjoy…


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