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The Dancing About Architecture Store Is Now Open.

Yes it is. To celebrate, the first two singles of mine under the Winter Of ’82 banner are available for free when you sign up to the mailing list. Hit ‘Buy Now’ on either track, and enter a price of 0. It’ll ask you for an email address. You should only ever need to enter it once. We absolutely PROMISE not to send you loads of emails, but we will be dishing out lots of yummy free music very soon – head to http://daamusic.bandcamp.com to download the tracks. There’s also some extended notes about the lyrics on the pages not available any where else, so if you’ve been wondering what the songs are about, take a look…

Live! Piano! Coming soon! (+ Bless This House Piano Video)

RIGHT. Finally, I am in possession of a stage piano that I can take out live. Yay!

My current fully weighted, hammer action stage piano is definitely NOT portable for a spoonie, and there’s no money for a crew just yet… I’ve invested in a very lightweight Yamaha Piaggero; quite a neat bit of kit it is too.

This means that stuff like this finally becomes a regular part of the set, which is super exciting…


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