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Back To Business – Live Rehearsals Are Go.

Just a quick update today.

Remember me talking about bringing the beat and electronic elements into the live set? My experiments with Ableton/Mainstage will continue, but I’ve finally found a way of bringing a lot of what I need together in one iPad app.

Retronyms Tabletop is a hell of a thing. It allows multiple devices (drum machines, synths, effects) together in one space. Crucially for me, it has some very neat interfaces for on the fly manipulation of song structures. It even allows third party apps (like my fave, DM1) to be brought into the Tabletop space and made to play nicely with the other toys. It’s not quite Ableton Live, but it’s seriously powerful, and obviously very portable.

The new stage piano arrives tomorrow, so songs like Hand At Emotion, Hex, You Needed Answers… Damn; most of my songs are piano songs! Anyway, no more fiddly guitar versions.

I’m actually excited to play live now. I know, right?

New Adventures In Electronica.

It’s all very electronic round here at the moment. Synths and beats. Not many guitars. I’m planning to make an album using only electronic, accessible tech. Here’s why.

Rewind to early 2013. I’ve talked about this on my blog before, but here’s a recap.
I’ve been on the radar at Drake Music for a couple of years now. I first appeared on the map when I put a shoutout on twitter to meet other musicians with disabilities. This was at a time when I was yet to even hear of another musician with a disability.

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