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Telecaster + Ableton Live + MiMu Gloves = Yeah!

Okay, this is very early days… Here’s an idea of how the guitar solo in That You’ll Never Know might sound nowadays.

All the effects are within Ableton Live. The chain is Amp/Cabinet/Glue Compressor/Reverb/Beat Repeat/Auto Filter.

The rolling of my wrist is adjusting the Interval in Beat Repeat, which varies how often the glitches happen. A tight outward roll gives 64th Autechre style ‘zaps’ – flipping my hand the other way will have it freak in big quarter note chunks, plus anything in between.

Moving my hand up and down in the vertical axis sweeps the filter; pointing down does nothing, pointing to the ceiling is an aggressive Low Pass.

My glove posture takes my holding the plectrum into account. There’s a fingerpicking section before this; the effects are bypassed until I grab my pick.

It’s fun to play, of course. Personally, I love how it sounds like my Telecaster has crashed… 😉

#WorkInProgess – Einaudi Remix

Here’s a bit of Dyskinetik stuff I’ve been working on today. It’s dark, cute, minimal tech. It’s a remix of sorts; Einaudi’s Melodia Africana. This is just one piece of a larger puzzle, I think. If clicky, twisted beats in 9/8 sound like your sort of thing, you may well enjoy it 🙂

Ableton Live 101: Beat Repeat

So, I’m pretty new to Ableton Live. I’m going to be using it almost exclusively this year (another long story coming soon), so doing a lot of homework.

If you know Live, you’ll probably know an effect called Beat Repeat. Here’s a little thing of me using it to glitch the hell out of a simple DM1 drum loop. The beat never changes; any changes in sound are the effect which I’m manipulating live using the excellent TouchAble iPad interface.

Again, just a sound test; two minutes of improvisational tweaking. I’m guessing this is quite Route One if you’re a seasoned Ableton Live user, but I’ve still got a lot to learn… 😉


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