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MiMu Gloves + FM8 Arpeggiator Exp.

So here’s a bit of pretty thing. It’s very much new-song-in-progress. It started life as an acoustic guitar, folk/picking thing. The chords are very Nick Drake, with some minor thirds where you least expect them. A bit River Man, no?

I’ve reimagined the guitar part via the gloves and Native Instrument’s beautiful FM8 synth. The glove’s own software turns these postures into chords, which are arping (is that a word?) out in FM8.

Got some melody ideas, but I’ll keep those under wraps for now. This is just me practicing the changes. Hopefully it’s vaguely interesting, and makes the cut on the new album…

The Gloves Are On: Live in Coventry – 28th January 2015

So this is *very* exciting. The only Midlands date of the tour, hoping to see some friends and fam there.

Tickets are £6 advance, £8 OTD. Book online HERE!

Getting To Know The Gloves.

This is literally the busiest I’ve ever been.

I do hate having big gaps in my blogging. I know an increasing number of people enjoy this blog, which is an incredible thing in itself. I’ll try and be here as often as I can, that’s all I can say right now…

Whilst trying to run a business, I am missioning this whole Gloves adventure. I’m working away on the live set; it’s really coming together now.

It was difficult at first. Upon getting the Gloves home to start work, I was suddenly overwhelmed by just how much work has to happen. The first few days with the Gloves were really disheartening in all honesty. I suddenly felt like I had no idea what I was doing, despite my initial confidence. The ball started rolling so fast, I barely had time to take it all in. Once I was sat in The Playhaus alone, without Gawain, Imogen or Kelly to turn to, I was a little freaked.

As you may have seen from my YouTube bits, I’ve been slowly learning more and more. After a real breakthrough moment earlier this week, that all suddenly seems so basic. My relationship with the Gloves has grown deeper and stronger; I really feel like it all starts… now. I’m ready; I have huge ideas, and I feel empowered by the Gloves now. I miss them when they’re not on my hands. On a day like today, when my studio is fully booked and I have no time to play with them, I’m a little sad.

Only a couple of weeks ago I felt like I was in over my head. Suddenly, it’s clicked. The gloves feel lie they’re becoming a part of me and my music, and I can’t stop thinking about how much amazing music I’m going to be making soon.

To be continued…

Vocal/Glove/Glitch Test: That You’ll Never Know

Here’s another bit of Glove experimenting. I’m using the same kind of glitch effects I used on yesterday’s guitar test, this time on my voice.

If you’re hip to my back cat you’ll know the song. It’s called That You’ll Never Know and it’s been around forever…

Telecaster + Ableton Live + MiMu Gloves = Yeah!

Okay, this is very early days… Here’s an idea of how the guitar solo in That You’ll Never Know might sound nowadays.

All the effects are within Ableton Live. The chain is Amp/Cabinet/Glue Compressor/Reverb/Beat Repeat/Auto Filter.

The rolling of my wrist is adjusting the Interval in Beat Repeat, which varies how often the glitches happen. A tight outward roll gives 64th Autechre style ‘zaps’ – flipping my hand the other way will have it freak in big quarter note chunks, plus anything in between.

Moving my hand up and down in the vertical axis sweeps the filter; pointing down does nothing, pointing to the ceiling is an aggressive Low Pass.

My glove posture takes my holding the plectrum into account. There’s a fingerpicking section before this; the effects are bypassed until I grab my pick.

It’s fun to play, of course. Personally, I love how it sounds like my Telecaster has crashed… 😉


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