This stuff is all the rage at the moment innit? These hardware recreations of classic kit like 909s, 303s and 808s; retaining a retro feel in something that’s inevitably more reliable (not to mention cheaper). I kinda get why people crave something physical to play with; I’m all for tangible, tactile control, but Push and LaunchPad satisfy that need for me. I went through a phase of wanting this stuff; I have an old Roland Groovebox that covers all the classic sounds, but it kinda becomes a pain to work with at times. They’re fiddly to program, and will never get close to Ableton Live + Push for the degree of editing and sonic manipulation possibilities. Having said that, some constraint is useful; it’s not always that inspiring to have all the toys out all the time. Also, it feels very much like a fashion ‘moment’ – is all this ’boutique’ revival hardware a bit overly kitsch? What do you think?